Sunday, 27 March 2016

Don't have title for this entry~

Assalamualaikum !

 I thought I want to do some homework tonight , but I feel like I want to try blogging on this blogger's app that my sister had download it from google play ! Hahaks !  , frankly , it's easier than just blogging in the internet.... Much easier...

 Fuh ! Days ago , our 'ujian satu' punya result dah keluar woo.... My result ? Don't know what to say , but alhamdulillah and i'm kinda satisfied and grateful with it even masih tidak mencapai target....  Macam biasa , bila result exam dah keluar , ada yang masih tak puas hati dengan result , ada yang , bila tengok result jadi down , ada yang spirits up , mostly they're all grateful with it..Student kan .. [If you're a student , you feel the same right ?]

 My life as a head student really make me stress out [tahap melampau] bila time exam dan time result keluar... You know , that hard pressure we got when people expect to much from us  ... I know I'm not good enough to be a good role model for the other students , but deep inside me I want them to take some good things from 'the good side of me'  . So that they can do better in their life and in the same time , may He sees this as good things I do in my life and rewards me with good things too.... I don't mean to be 'riak' or anything , but this is a talk from heart to heart....
 [you know , that little heart says : Aku tidak sempurna namun aku ingin menjadi contoh terbaik buat mereka ]

 When getting a highest rank in class people kept saying 'congrats' or 'wow , I wish I were in your shoes' or 'I'm jealous of you' or something that put you too high in their expectations to get good result too in the other exams , right? For me , 'the minor me' was happy with those compliments but in the same time 'the major of me' hate it .. Why? It's because I'm too scared of it... It gives me a goosebumps.. Deep inside this little heart ,was like , 'please , i'm not as smart as you imagine , please stop it , because I'm scared if someday my result is getting worst, you would laugh at me and leave me there alone .' Well,  that's a 'complicated me'... And sometimes I'm kinda don't understand with myself.
 When talking about exam's result , I feel like I want to share with you about this boy in my class. Em , basically ; a man , because he's seventeen years old already. He is the king of mathematics in my class .. last exam , he got 99% in addmath and 100% in mathematics..  And in form four's final exam he got 100% in addmath .. No wonder he got that king's nickname but surely we were all grateful to have him in our class , because he's the one who helps us a lot in addmath's subject.. Ouh , forgot something , his name is Azrul.. And if you asked why I should talk about him in mah blog ? Well my answer is 'suka hati ambo la' ... Haha.. On the other hand , this is one of the way I (and the other friends) thanked him for helped us a lot in our studies.

 Well , for my conclusion...... Hmm I don't know what to put as a conclusion but I know ,,,, if we are a successful person in the next twenty years , or a student with a flying colour's result ,or someone who had a title of 'smart student' or anything that refer to the word 'success' ,, that's actually not 100% of our own efforts .. Some of it maybe from the helps of the other person (like our own parents, siblings, teachers,and friends) and maybe  from the other people that secretly prayed for the good sake of us ..
 That's all. Love ya .

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